Gov. Malloy is looking to widen 95 in Fairfield as part of his big transportation plan but some folks don’t think it is a great idea. Not only because it will cost about $12 billion but because it might not solve any problems.

See, Malloy seems to think the problem with traffic on 95 is volume. The Connecticut Public Interest Research Group says that any news construction will just make already congested traffic areas worse. They also feel that those funds would be better served updating our crumbling infrastructure.

ConnPIRG State Director Evan Preston said “As we face limited resources, … we know that investing in I-95 is one of the least effective ways to benefit our transportation system.”

In his defense Malloy says this is a 30-year plan and widening 95 is just one piece of it.

What do you think? Widen 95 or no?

Via CTMirror

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