If you haven’t heard through the thousands of PSAs, commercials, public figures, or even your doctor… smoking is bad.  Mmkay?

Anti-smoking activists believe our government should do more to prevent the next generation of smokers and suggest raising the legal smoking age from 18 to 21.

Over 100 cities and towns in America, including the State of Hawaii, have passed measures increasing the legal smoking age.  A similar effort is making its way through our local government.

One thing, though. Connecticut’s caught in a snare.  Bumping up the legal smoking age could cost the state over $43 million in annual revenue.  If you haven’t heard, Connecticut is in the midst of a budget crisis.

Considering the state spends about $1 billion annually on smoking-related health care, though…

Anyways, the legislature’s Public Health Committee will have to decide on the fate of the bill by the 23rd.

Should be an interesting day in Connecticut.

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