Connecticut could become the 3rd state in the nation to say “no thanks” to Daylight Savings Time.

The Ellington Patch says one State Representative is leading the charge against the whole springing forward and falling back buisness.  State Rep. Kurt Vail, who represents Somers and Stafford, filed a bill to exempt Connecticut from Daylight Savings.

Jeez, the 2017 legislative session hasn’t even started and this guy is ready to hit the ground running.  Talk about starting the year off with a bang.  There’s a lot of emotion over what to do with the clocks.  But, let’s be real here, it totally blows watching the sun set at 4pm.

I say that he’s definitely onto something here.  Seriously, it gets so boring driving around with the headlights on constantly.

Vail is simply listening to the people!  He’s totally a hero in my book!  His bill will do exactly what daylight savings naysayers have been requesting for years!  Should the bill pass, it’ll “maximize additional daylight in the evening,” and allow us to enjoy a little more sunshine.

Vail is certain that getting rid of Daylight Savings is a good thing because it will boost “productivity and create additional consumer opportunities for Connecticut residents.”

Already, the comments are piling in support of this measure.  One disgruntled Nutmegger believes the practice is “outdated, stupid, and irritating.”

Look, I understand why some people rather enjoy Daylight Savings.  Especially parents who don’t like sending their kids out in the morning to wait for the bus in the dark.

But that’s pretty much where the list of pro-Daylight Savings arguments end.  If anyone can think of another reason why we should keep this antiquated system around, feel free to comment below.


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