Hang on, guys, our lawmakers are about to do a good thing.  They want to legalize fireworks and make them legal for us to buy!

Republican American reports that the General Law Committee gave the green light to Senate Bill 435.  The bill, would legalize the purchase, sale, and possession of fireworks to anyone 21 and over.

However, don’t start celebrating just yet.  It still has several hurdles to clear first.

For exaaple, the Connecticut Fire Marshals Association vehemently opposes this proposal. Well, that’s a no brainer.  But, the  Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection also voiced their opposition.

Basically, they say too many people will hurt themselves, start unintentional fires, and make life a living hell for firefighters.

Simply put, they say leave the fireworks to the professionals.  Because they think that we, the moronic cavemen who somehow still know how to vote, don’t have the mental capacity for pyrotechnics.

However, I think these two factions miss the bigger picture.  IT’S ANOTHER SOURCE OF REVENUE.

Connecticut seriously needs new ways to generate money and because our state fights legalizing weed tooth and nail, we need new options.  And, honestly, what do people buy in bulk when they vacation down south?

Yes.  Fireworks.  Did that myself during my spring break in North Carolina.   We later set off those fireworks I bought to celebrate my sister passing the BAR.

But, back to the money.  If Connecticut passes this bill, it’ll also usher in a new tax.  Officials proposed implementing a 5 percent sales tax on all consumer firework purchases.

Also, to sweeten the deal, a portion of that tax will fund a new firefighters’ relief fund, which’ll support firefighters with work-related cancers.  It’ll also help fund a portion of the state’s training schools.

As of now, only sprinklers and fountains are legal.  It makes any and all July 4th celebrations at home mighty depressing since those things last 15 seconds at best.

Sure, critics worry that this law will cause more harm than good.  I can totally see some teenagers goofing off with some bottle rockets and things going south.

Property damage, accidental fires… I see that, too.  However, not to the extent the opposition says.   I predict, maybe, a couple isolated incidents a year that the state will make high mass out of.

But, that’s about it.

Anyways, it’ll shut down the state’s fireworks black market.  Considering people will dump hundreds on their backyard displays means that the state misses out on a considerable amount of cash.

However, I want to take things further.  I completely prefer fireworks over any tax increase, such as tolls.

I totally see more car accidents and injuries when those bad boys invade all our major roadways.

What about you?  Should the state go through with this or is Connecticut simply not capable of lighting off a few fireworks without incident?


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