Does Connecticut need another mall?  West Haven certainly thinks so and may forcibly take land to build one.

I mean, it is legal under the 5th amendment. Thanks, Obama.

So, a super classy shopping center is coming to West Haven.  When?  Well, we’re really not sure about that.

Four landowners are refusing to leave their homes/businesses to make way for the upscale mall. All of them continue to reject every deal offered by the developer.   They claim the compensation doesn’t come close to their current property values.

On the other hand, the land developers say their offer is above market value.

Now we are starting to hear the dreaded “eminent domain” buzzword because state officials are running out of options.   Although forcibly taking the land is their last option, there are a lot of mixed feelings about it even being on the table!

There was a public hearing on the matter on Wednesday and, according to the New Haven Register, things got VERY heated.

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