In the biggest game of “will he or won’t he,” State Senator Ted Kennedy Jr. set the record straight today. After months of whispers and rumors, we finally know if we’ll see his name on the gubernatorial ballot.

NBC Connecticut says Kennedy’s gubernatorial bid is a no-go.   Pretty surprising, to be honest, because people would vote for him on his name alone.  He’s pretty much the only politician in CT that people would blindly vote for without knowing a single thing about him.

Considering state Democrats are in shambles as more people voice their dissatisfaction over their job in the capital, many regarded Kenny’s potential run as a Hail Mary.  Or a desperate move to keep the party in power.

Because he’d easily win the primary and, quite possibly, the entire election.  It’s all in the name.  The Kennedys maintained their appeal for over 50 years.  They’re pretty much the only family to successfully establish a political dynasty.

You also have to consider that his father was the late “Liberal Lion” Edward Kennedy.  Massachusetts still mourns him.

So, you can say fans of the family would dutifully show up at the polls for him.  In abundance.

But, that’s not gonna happen now because Ted is out.  He made the announcement this morning

He issued a written statement detailing his decision

“I will not be a candidate for statewide office in 2018. I am deeply grateful to everyone who has contacted me and encouraged me to run.”

However, he felt now definitely wasn’t the time to throw his hat in the race.  Even though, last time I checked, he was 90 percent sure he would run.

So, something must have happened.  Already people are speculating someone gave him a “talking to.”  Others say even Kennedy knew that a Democrat would not be able to win this election.

I mean, Malloy really did a bang-up job tarnishing his party’s reputation in the great Democratic bastion known as Connecticut.  Really, it’s a talent.  So, if Kennedy lost, it’d become a national news story because Kennedys don’t lose.  Ever.

That, or, he took one look at the mess Governor Malloy will leave behind and nope’d all the way back to Branford.  That also could have happened.

Actually, I bet that’s what happened.  It’ll take a miracle to untangle the mess in Hartford.  And, also, to make the Unions happy considering that ridiculous concession deal they were strong-armed into signing.

So, now with Kennedy out, the field is wide open and ripe for the taking.  With Middletown Mayor Dan Drew and businesswoman Jacey Wyatt declared as contenders, I can only expect more announcements will follow.

So, who do you think will be our next Governor?  Also, who wants to bet this next election will be a carnival of horrors?

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