Could CT be the next destination for Google Fiber? One can only hope. New Haven, Stamford and West Hartford have joined the cause to have high speed internet in CT. Will it happen? No one knows. All we do know is it won’t happen anytime soon.

With the way people use the internet today we need high speed services like Google Fiber. Slow dial-up connections were fine when the internet was just bulletin boards and chat rooms. And today’s speeds were fine when the whole neighborhood wasn’t streaming all their viewing content. We need faster internet.

To illustrate the wonders of Google Fiber (and yes, I will only refer to Google Fiber. I do not want anything to do with any other provider. Just check The Consumerist for why) let’s look at the speeds I am currently getting.

My provider, who will remain nameless, gives me 25mbps on my downloads and 5mbps up. Although, they did just offer to upgrade me to “up to” 105mbps for $3 more a month. Notice the “up to”? That probably means I will get that speed 1% of the time. Meanwhile, Google Fiber gives you 100gbps down and up. To compare it fairly that is 1000mbps vs 105mbps. Which one would you want to use to watch RedTube? I mean, YouTube.

Now, GF isn’t cheap at about $70 per month and the state looking for inexpensive as well as fast. Hopefully something can be worked out where those in financial need can get a subsidized fast lane to the internet. I know I would rather pay $5 more a month than I am now to have GF.

If you are wondering why our internet speeds suck so hard you should read up and see how the telecoms wasted/stole most of the money the government gave them for upgrades. Next time a rep from one of the big providers spouts off about how they built the infrastructure and they own the lines remind them they did it (poorly I might add) on our dime.


Via Hartford Courant

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