Only in Bridgeport would the FBI agent who put Joe Ganim in the joint support his campaign to regain the mayoralty. It’s happening.

What could be better cover for a former corrupt politician seeking redemption from voters? Support from law enforcement.

Ganim, imprisoned in 2003 following his conviction on federal corruption charges, not only enjoys the support of Ed Adams, the federal agent who investigated him, but also from some of the men and women in blue from Bridgeport’s police department.

What gives? “Everyone deserves a second chance,” says Adams, now a private investigator retired from the bureau. Ganim reached out to him with a suggestion for the creation of a public integrity office. If appearances matter having the agent who investigated you could provide some comfort from cynics who say Ganim has not changed.

Some of this must be galling to federal agents and supporters of Mayor Bill Finch.

Saying he “learned some very tough lessons” Ganim recently entered the race for the city’s top position filing a candidate committee after raising more than $50,000 in one night in an exploratory phase a few weeks ago. Ganim plans a formal announcement Thursday at the German Club on Bridgeport’s East Side.

Ganim is challenging well-financed incumbent Democrat Finch in a September primary.

Ganim’s campaign battle cry is “building a Bridgeport that works for every citizen and every neighborhood.”

“This election is about how we give every Bridgeport resident a chance for a better life. I believe Bridgeport deserves a Mayor focused on creating jobs, lowering taxes, improving schools, revitalizing neighborhoods, and creating a Bridgeport that works for everyone,” said Ganim.

“Now some may want this election to be about the past—-but I know the people of Bridgeport want this election to be about them–their future–and about electing the candidate with the vision and ideas to build a stronger and better Bridgeport.”

Finch’s Campaign Manager Maryli Secrest fired back suggesting this election will definitely be about Ganim’s past.

“Joe Ganim is a corrupt politician who spent seven years in prison. His criminal activity has already cost the people of Bridgeport more than a hundred million dollars. Ganim’s failed investment scheme and sweetheart investment deal on the waterfront set us back years. We’re confident voters will come to the same conclusion jurors did: Joe Ganim doesn’t belong in the Mayor’s office.”


Top Image via WFSB

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