Nine years ago, the idea of the “Comic Book Movie” was still working its way into the cultural lexicon. Spider-Man was reigning supreme as the franchise to beat, the role of Wolverine had made Hugh Jackman one of the biggest movie stars on earth, and Superman Returns was looking promising, but ultimately was not good.

As far as mainstream comic book movies go, not a lot has changed. Spidey is still killing it in the Andrew Garfield years, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is still a huge draw, and Superman projects always look promising and are ultimately not that great. Sorry, Man of Steel and upcoming Justice League projects.

There is an entirely different culture of comic book movies that was brought to the forefront of cinemas back in 2005. Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller changed the game big time with Sin City. A pulpy, grimy, sexy, and violent comic book, Sin City the movie was a total cinematic experience to say the least. It was just awesome. It gave audience a new way to consider the comic book movie and let studios know that you don’t have to sacrifice story for the sake of box office revenue (Sin City grossed $74M in the US/$158M globally on a $40M budget).

Nine years later, Miller and Rodriguez are back with Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. As much as I am looking forward to seeing this movie, I am afraid the same old tricks aren’t going to work. The comic book movie game done changed. Since the last time Sin City was in the theaters, television has come on STRONG and so many of the “new ideas” Sin City brought to the big screen have been executed expertly in the small screen.

Breaking Bad, The Strain, True Blood, True Detective, Dexter, LOST, etc. have all used the idea of the Anti-Hero as the protagonist to much critical and commercial success. Can a sequel nine years in the making about a rag tag bunch of borderline bad guys in heroic situations deliver the same type of creative payoff it once did now that we’ve been cheering for the villains almost exclusively for the past 10 years?

What’s It About: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is an upcoming American crime thriller film and sequel to the 2005 film Sin City. Co-directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller, the script is written by Miller, and is primarily based on the second book in the Sin City series by Miller.

Should You See It: This is a tough one. It’s not like any other comic book movie you’re used to seeing. No capes, no real “heroes,” and tons of violence. So if that’s what you’re in the mood for this weekend then you should be in line already. If you were a fan of Kill Bill, From Dusk til Dawn, and the original Sin City, than A Dame to Kill For is basically your Avengers 2.

Judge For Yourself:

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