Senator Chuck Schumer (D-New York) is trying to warn us of the dangers of the Chikungunya virus. He has asked the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to issue a health alert so awareness is heightened. Schumer went as far as to call the virus “excruciating”. He also wants the Department of Homeland Security to declare a public emergency in order to fight the virus.

Meanwhile, the CDC has their on it and states that the virus is painful but “rarely fatal”. They do say there is no treatment or cure but research in ongoing. I don’t know about you but Schumer’s description puts me in full-on panic mode whereas the CDC’s leaves me “Meh”. Once you take into account the distinct possibility that Schumer is a media whore your nerves are probably settled.

Don’t get me wrong, the joint pain associated with the virus sounds like no picnic but we don’t need Chicken Little, I mean Shcumer, whipping people into a frenzy just keep his name in the news cycle. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail and people will ignore Schumer. His cousin Amy is cooler anyway.

Via CTPost

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