For now, the answer to that question is closer to no than it is to yes.

After more than a year of hype for Hartford’s new minor league baseball team, Connecticut’s capital city won’t see a single inning of baseball this year, according to The Hartford Courant.

The team is set to play its remaining games on the road as an ongoing dispute between the city and the stadium developers plays out in court.

This is all incredibly disappointing for reasons that have almost nothing to do with baseball. For one, Connecticut hasn’t had a team this hyped since the Whalers left for Carolina. The Yard Goats got some play on Fallon, for goodness sake! We were all ready for something sportsy to sweep Connecticut and now there’s no telling when we’ll get it.

Second, this stadium was set to be pretty awesome. Sponsored by Dunkin Donuts, there was bound to be some delicious baked goods available. Add that to the bar overlook the outfield and the free WiFi from Frontier and we were pretty much ready to move in and live there forever. That fantasy is over until at least next year.

And finally, Connecticut is clearly in rebuild mode. Our finances are in the toilet, our cities are barely anything to get excited about, and people are leaving the state in droves. The Yard Goats weren’t going to be the end all, be all of Connecticut’s rejuvenation, but they were a sign of things to come. Maybe once the team was in, more bars and restaurants would open, more apartments would go up, a younger population would be enticed to move in, and Hartford would become a buzzing city. But now that maybe won’t be realized until 2017, at the earliest.

The one silver lining? There’s no longer a competition for biggest disappointment of 2016. This stadium takes the cake.

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