Starting on August 30th, Connecticut is getting a new area code.  959.  I always have mixed feelings when things like that happen.  Ultimately I realize that it’s not a big deal and no one actually cares about your area code but there’s another side of me that hates change.  You know that funny game you play in your head when you meet someone new and they give you their number?  You know, “Oh, area code 631?  Where in Long Island are you from?”  Or how about anytime I see a 310 pop up on my caller ID, I get excited because I think it’s LA calling me to finally cast me in that movie with Leonardo DiCaprio.  Oddly, your area code defines you in a way.  I’ve always been a CT 203 girl.  I’ve been proud to have that Fairfield County area code.  Even when I lived in New Jersey and Westchester, NY, I refused to change my number.  I’m from CT, I’m a 203.  It’s 203 pride.  It’s the same with those Jersey people that boast “their exit” off the Garden State.

Be ready.  Pretty soon people will give you their new number with the area code 959 and you’ll look at them confused and ask where they’re from.  Feel bad for these people, they probably will have a lot of explaining to do for a while.



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