We all know if we could, we would go back to our glory days of college and somehow turn into Van Wilder, never to graduate but live in the fake reality of college life forever. But sadly, life doesn’t work that way. Now, your weekends consist of wine (because you’re old) and endlessly discussing your Making A Murderer binge that consumed your Friday night (again, because you’re old).

But, Eastern Connecticut State University students are here to remind you of your awesome college party days and are really trying to up the ante on your parties. This past Friday, while you passed out on your couch at 10 p.m. from exhaustion, over 100 coeds raged in the streets of Willimantic. And pissed off basically the entire neighborhood.

What started as a normal house party escalated into a full on rager. The house eventually ran out of room, with kids pouring out of the house into the yards shouting and drinking shitty beer just like college should be. They also set up shop in the street to block all traffic and, of course, keep partying bro.

The police were called multiple times by the pissed neighbors and showed up to arrest five students, who were all underage, by the way.

Game on, party bros.

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