Man, what a weekend.  The NFL bashed Trump, Trump bashed the NFL, and Kylie Jenner is apparently pregnant.  Either way, nothing but bad news seemingly permeated the headlines and we’re pretty mad about it.  So, leave it to Wilton police to restore our faith in humanity with their kindness.

Norwalk Daily Voice reports that officers lined up on the street to hand out pink roses to random passerby.

The department teamed up with Wilton Chamber of Commerce, Wilton Social Services, and the Wilton Domestic Violence Task Force for the event.  All four organizations really felt the Random Acts of Kindness Day spirit.  So much so, they gave out 300 beautiful pink roses.

So, they stood at Wilton Center and handed out roses to random people, which brought smiles to an untold amount of faces.  Imagine seeing a shopping cart full of the flowers and police offers clutching bouquets in their hand.  Come on, that’s an adorable sight.

The roses also came with a purple flyer to advertise Wilton Cares Day on Oct. 16.  The fliers touched upon raising awareness on domestic violence, too.  It also enclosed directions on how the public can help make a difference against domestic violence.

The event officially kicked off Wilton Restaurant Week.   Participating locations that day donated a portion of their proceeds to the Domestic Violence Crisis Center.

The center offers services to support victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Their reach includes Wilton, Norwalk, Darien, New Canaan, Stamford, Weston and Westport.

So, if you needed a reason to smile today, the Wilton Police got you covered.  They may have pricked their fingers on a few thorns, but it was worth it.  Who knows how many people they made smile that day!

So, what would you do if a police officer came up to you with flowers in his or her hand?

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