Oh the Powerball fever is at full FORCE this week. It just keeps going up and up and up. As of Monday afternoon, it is a $1.4 Billion jackpot. I know very well that I am not going to win, and you are probably not going to win, and any hope of your loser boyfriend winning should be stifled at this moment. BUT that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun fantasizing about what we would actually do with all that cash?

I imagine winning the lottery would be very similar to the opening scene from Duck Tails:


Let us swim in gold coins! Also- let us eat ridiculous things with no worry of the check at the end.
If you woke up Thursday morning a billionaire, what would your breakfast be!?

Here is some inspiration: a $100 gold donut. Yes, REAL gold that you can eat- that DOES sound like a meal meant for a billionaire. It’s from a restaurant called Manila Social Club in NYC- specifically the hipster enclave of Williamsburg. The donut isn’t made from JUST 24 karat gold, but also Cristal champagne. It also takes an hour and a half to make one donut, according to the NY Daily News.

Really though, the donut is damn good looking. I want to put it in a glass box and stare at it:

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