If you are reading this after 11am you probably have no idea that we survived a winter disaster this morning. Before temperatures climbed to the balmy low 40s the heavens rained ice on our fair state and 80% of the population lost their minds.

I don’t pay attention to the weather reports because I have windows and doors on my house so I can check the weather any time I want but today I wish I had. Not just so I could prepare for a commute that was twice as long but because I would have been more cautious letting my dogs out this morning. As soon as my left foot hit the top step I was on my ass. After recovering I was left to assist two dumb dogs in and out of the house since they didn’t have their winter paws on.

Then it was on to the commute. Of course everyone was doing 20 and some people spun off the road for no reason. This includes an intern here who, while waiting for police to arrive for his one car accident, was smashed by 2 other cars. You would laugh if it wasn’t so tragic.

The moral to this story? Stay home. Work just isn’t worth it.

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