Brace yourselves… winter is coming.  In abundance.

A nor’easter is heading our way and Connecticut better prepare.  But, then again, it’s Connecticut and the weather here tends to change every five minutes so…

The forecast was crazy yesterday and predictions of total Armageddon to dandruff, and nothing in between clogged our news feeds.  Today, thankfully, it’s a clearer picture.

NBC Connecticut says a “clipper” will cross into Connecticut sometime tomorrow afternoon, which will bring a festive mix of rain, snow, and sleet.   Thankfully, the brunt of the storm will miss us entirely.

Unfortunately, that means shoveling for us.   Especially the northern half of the state. Forecasters predict they’re in for the brunt of the storm.

Meanwhile, the shoreline is expected to enjoy more of the slushy stuff.  NBC predicts that about six inches is in store for Hartford and Litchfield counties.  Winds will also be a little nasty tomorrow as the storm gains strength as it passes over us.

To put it gently, no one really knows what we’re in store for until tomorrow.  Time after time this happens.  If I got a quarter every time a cloud that happens to produce snow is called “storm of the century,” I’d be able to buy a tank of gas.  Maybe two.

So, in the spirit of snowfall, let’s have our friend Vic exhibit how we shouldn’t act over the next 24 hours.


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