Traffic in CT is bad enough without Mother Nature and Old Man Winter teaming up to toss snow and ice at us. The fact remains that bad weather is on the way and inevitably people are going to lose their minds on the road. Here are a few tips for keeping safe in the storm.

Don’t go out unless you have to. Seriously. Just use your On Demand feature rather than running to Red Box.

If you do go out turn on your headlights. It is impossible to see your white car when there is a whiteout.

Clean off your damn car. All of it. If you can’t reach the roof buy a step-stool or buy a smaller car.

Slow down. I know your AWD/4×4 is awesome but ice trumps both of them. PS – don’t lock up your wheels on ice dummy.

Should you start to slide on ice DO NOT bail out.

What were these people thinking?!

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