One of the most incredible stories out of Connecticut with a happy ending comes out of Wolcott, where two men saved a teenager from a house fire.

Paul Wozniak, Sr., a man who was a hero for our country when he served in the Vietnam War — and Thomas Dunn — a man whose name is familiar in Wolcott because he happens to be the mayor.

Last Thursday, Wozniak saw smoke and flames as he was driving nearby. He pulled over, called 911, and then decided to see if anyone was inside the house. With an adrenaline rush going, he pounded on the door.

“I was banging on the door,” he said. “I would’ve broken it probably.”

It turns out the door was unlocked and Wozniak went in. He found Jamil Lawrence upstairs, struggling, because he just had surgery on both of his legs. Jamil had just recently suffered an injury in a high school football game.

That’s about the time when the other hero arrived — Mayor Dunn. The mayor saw them at the top of the stairs and saw that Wozniak needed help to get Jamil down.

Jamil says what also feels great  is the fact that the Wolcott community has rallied around the family to help them try to replace what they lost in the fire. The community is collecting money, clothes, and dropping off food at a relative’s house where they’re staying for the time being.

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