A dog that was passionate about chasing some wayward geese in Westport got both him and his owner stuck in about 2 feet of mud, and had to be rescued by the timely firefighters that arrived on scene!

Karen Hagen was walking her dog, Brody, when he spotted some geese, and TOOK off after them. She tried to get him to come back, but he only had one thing on his mind and that was gettin’ them geese.

He promptly got stuck in the thick mud near the Saugatuck River, and like a good dog owner, Karen went in after him!

She got stuck as well in the 2 foot high gunk, and was buried up past her knees in the ooze.

Everyone ended up ok, with some concerned folks across the river calling 911, but hopefully Brody learned to let the geese come to him next time.

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