Yes, you read that correctly. An Australian woman lost control of her legs after her incredibly tight skinny jeans cut off her circulation.

First, she made the mistake of helping someone move. That is always, always a terrible time. She apparently was in a squatting position for so long packing up the contents of cupboards that she literally fell over walking home. And since it was kind of dark out she just laid on the sidewalk for hours completely unnoticed by anyone. HOURS. IN ABSURDLY TIGHT JEANS.

Finally, she crawled to the sidewalk and got a cab to a hospital where doctors had to cut her pants off of her because it was physically impossible to get them off any other way. She then remained in the hospital for four days. Because of pants.

Her doctor warns basically every person who has ever worn pants: “The take home message is to avoid wearing skinny jeans if you intend to do a job with squatting or kneeling. If your legs begin to feel uncomfortable or tingle, you should stand up and get the blood circulating again.”


H/T EliteDaily | image (c) Wavebreak Media/Thinkstock

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