THIS Woman Robbed a Darien Home?!

THIS Woman Robbed a Darien Home?!
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It’s not nice to stereotype people- But when you think of someone that would rob a home in wealthy Darien, you don’t necessarily think it’ll be a girl that looks like she just had her hair blown out at the Blow Dry Bar down the street.  Apparently not all thieves are scruffy looking men wearing black hoodies.  Meet Connecticut’s alleged newest type of thief: Princess Alexis Jordan of Hamden.

The 22-year-old was busted after she allegedly broke into a Darien home.  The homeowner, a woman in her late 60′s, was home alone (uh, it was around two o’clock in the afternoon) and spotted the girl.  Despite the fact that the Princess (note: She’s not an actual princess, but she seems like she should be wearing some type of tiara in her mugshot) hit her in the head with a wooden box (WTF?), the woman was able to get a description of the getaway vehicle.  She quickly called 911 (this is one feisty 68-year-old) and police pulled over a car matching the description a short distance away.  They arrested the Princess and her 24-year-old boyfriend, Michael Apuzzo, who was driving the getaway car.

I’m just curious- Between getting those highlights and updating your pedicure when does it cross one’s mind to rob a home?  This is what I imagine the conversation to mimic:

Princess: (Yawn) I’m soooooo bored Mike.  I can’t believe that spa bumped my hydro-wrap appointment.  Augh- Now what are we going to do until I get my hair highlighted at 4p?

Clearly a Junkie Mike: You’re such a pain in the ass.  All you do is waste our money on your nails- Why don’t you find a job.

Princess: I have an idea, remember when all those cool kids in Hollywood broke into Paris Hilton’s house and stole her stuff?  Let’s rob an innocent old ladies house!

Clearly a Junkie Mike: Yeah, alright.  While you’re at it, make me sandwich.

Okay, maybe none of that happened.  But they were both arrested on charges of home invasion, larceny, and possession of burglary tools.  Princess faces additional charges that include an attack on an elderly person.

Who breaks into a home and hits the homeowner with a random wooden box?  They’re both due in court… No word on whether Princess will attend court with her new ombre hair color.



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  1. Anonamous
    March 11th, 2014 13:18

    Obviously she is not a princess as you can see in the picture she is clearly a strung out drug attic crack head on a very important mission and that mission as to get her self the drugs she needs and she doesn’t care who or what she hurt ls or destroys to do that I am sure this is just the first time she was caught for what she did she and her drugg addict boy fiend probably did on a regular basis it is deguusting to know that there are people out there like this with no care or regard for other human beings like the article says you think your are Able to pick these type of criminals outta a group but your clearly not it is a gorls article with some very nasty and selfish people I am sorry to admit I even know trash like this but everyone get used to it they just joined a group that should be throw in jail and forgotten about and I hope that’s what they doo


  2. Anonymous
    February 22nd, 2014 21:52

    Being that I am one of Alexis’s family members, I have every right to say this; do NOT comment on something you know nothing about, especially when it comes to MY family. First and foremost; although, my cousin has recently made some poor decisions that does not make her a bad person. My cousin has been struggling with a lot of issues her entire life. My uncle and her mother and everyone who knows Alexis and is involved in her life have been doing the best we can to try and help her. I’m not excusing my cousin’s poor actions because what she did WAS wrong but this is not who my cousin truly is nor is she the “princess” you think she is. She’s actually a beautiful girl with a warm heart. She is very, very down to earth and easy to talk to and get along with. Everyone has a right to their own thoughts and opinions but I’m just letting you know who Alexis Jordan really is. And I 100% agree with “anonymous,” you making a joke out of something like this is horrendous.


  3. anonymiss
    February 2nd, 2014 16:42

    Princess is the daughter of one of my closest friends. She is no princess; she is the daughter of two hard-working people who have been trying to save her for years. She is desperately troubled and drug-addicted. Her parents and siblings are, as you might imagine, beyond devastated and broken by this. For you to make a joke of this horrendous event is reprehensible.


  4. WishINeverClickedThis
    February 1st, 2014 21:07

    I agree with “TommyCash23″ this article is not funny (you as well know it’s not funny i’m sure.)  but why post something that makes the crime seem more comical than serious. You could have taken this and wrote a serious article warning people that we need to be aware of all kinds of people whether their skin tone is white,black,green,orange.  Or whether their hair is blond, brown, highlighted or not.  All people are capable of committing heinous crimes such as this one.  Who cares what they look like we just need to be aware that it happens and unfortunately need to add extra protection on our cars and houses.  And you my dear seem to be doing a lot of stereo-typing yourself when it comes to young “pretty” girls being extremely materialistic.  

    An innocent elderly woman was targeted, injured and probably scarred for the rest of her life now just because this duo wanted money.  I’m happy they will be held accountable for their actions and especially happy the victim did not require medical attention.  I’m assuming you sit around read news articles and then write about your thoughts?  I’m not sure how you figured it would benefit anyone to turn this into a comedy.  Crime should not be used as entertainment.  I would like to think you take articles that involve crime and try to make them funny because there is so much negativity in this world and that is the only benefit of the doubt i could come up with for you. But i doubt it. I pray the victim or her family never have to see such an article, where her attacker is glorified and being referred to as “Princess” all for..oh, some harmless comedy.  Haha what a waste of my time, I should just be a blogger or whatever you call yourself and warn people to go make an appt. with a psychologist if they find amusement in articles like yours.  But hey you’re lucky because there are plenty of criminal stories out there, go pick the sickest one and have a ball!

    I’m more scared than ever seeing people find laughter from violence like this, same people who enjoy torturing little animals.. BIG RED FLAG from a criminal justice stand point.


  5. tommycash23
    February 1st, 2014 16:50

    This is not funny…not sure why they’re making a joke convo between these two dirt bags. That’s somebody’s grandmother she hit and could’ve killed. If this was a man they’d be writing what a tragedy this is….but because it’s a young girl they can make a joke out of it? Sad display of media being idiots and telling us what they want us to hear. Deplorable.


  6. Denise Koundry
    January 31st, 2014 21:48

    Oh my God Fedup you hit that nail on it’s head. For a minute there I was thinking I was the only bitch in the world who sees shit for what it is. Being the bitch I am I can see it’s been a little while since our princess had her hi-lights done, and is that a sore on her upper lip? Sadly it is these young little “princesses” who are going down that toilet now, well I guess we are finally all on equal footing now. It’s not that big scary looking black guy you should be afraid of, no it’s your neighbors daughter, who is going to clock you one with a wooden box. I would say at this point that I’ll just stay in my house and stay safe but that’s not an option anymore, they will just come in and get you. I’m not sure if it’s horribly sad or inevitable. Also not sure where we went so wrong.


  7. Fedupwithups
    January 31st, 2014 16:46

    Ever seen those pictures of Meth addicts a year or two later.  I can definitely see Princess in that gallery


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