We’ve made our love of Stamford’s WWE plainly obvious on this site many times over. However, if we were actually working at 1241 East Main Street in Stamford, instead of just being fans, we can only imagine how bizarre the past week has been.

After a month where they gave the amazing WWE Network away for absolutely free (and held a marquee event “Survivor Series”) – everything seemed to be moving with some forward momentum. Which WWE desperately needed after several months of both creative and financial downswings, and the aforementioned WWE Network underperforming. But Thanksgiving Day totally changed all that in an instant.

When most people aren’t even paying attention to the pop culture world, out of nowhere the Art of Wrestling Podcast shot up to near the top of the iTunes Podcast charts on Thursday. It even received national attention from both Yahoo! and the Washington Post. All because of an interview with CM Punk – a former employee who did a tell-all about his experiences working for WWE.

CM Punk left the company in January, but has been silent on his reasons. Until now – and the two hour podcast is one of the most fascinating things to listen to, even if you haven’t paid attention to wrestling since the ’90s (or even the ’80s…or, really, ever):

But that’s not all – because last night, Vince McMahon got to respond on the Stone Cold Podcast. And the most interesting aspect of all, even though professional wrestling has for a very long time kept its secrets closely guarded, this time Vince spoke openly, pulling no punches and pulling back the curtain on the business:

While for many employees in Stamford, I know that it’s just business as usual – but when your company starts getting attention like this, you can’t help but be fascinated at how the scripted drama has turned into a fascinating reality.

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