I like to think of myself as a patient and understanding person. If I disagree with someone’s opinion, I try to listen and understand their point of view. If someone cuts me off in traffic, I take a deep breath and let it go. And if I can’t keep my cool, I do my best to walk away.

But one situation that I have absolutely zero patience for is animal cruelty. So when I saw this headline in People, I damn near lost my mind: Dog Abandoned in Connecticut Park Slips Off Leash and Waits for Help.

What in the world was that person thinking? Seriously. What has to cross a person’s mind for him or her to be convinced that tying a dog to a fence and driving away is acceptable? I genuinely can’t think of a good reason. Worse yet, they did it when the temperatures were in the low 30’s, meaning that dog had to sit there in the freezing cold, watch its owner drive away, and then stay there for who knows how long.

I think the thing that infuriates me most here is that this dog, now going by the name Hank, is clearly a good boy. He got tied up and abandoned in the cold, managed to slip out of his collar, and did what a good dog does: He sat down and waited patiently. He didn’t run off. He didn’t go chasing cars. He didn’t do anything. He just waited.

And that right there is why I have no patience for this kind of thing. When a human takes responsibility for an animal as his or her pet, that animal looks to its human for everything. Food, water, shelter, and love. It gets all of it from its owner. It relies on its owner and trusts its owner with every fiber of its being. So for a person to receive all of that love and trust from an animal and pay it back with nothing but betrayal and confusion is truly disheartening.

Hank doesn’t know what he did wrong. He doesn’t know why the human who brought him to that dog park didn’t take him with them when they left. He just knew that he shouldn’t run off. He was a good boy. And while I hope for full punishment and consequences for Hank’s former owners, I’m sending Hank some positive vibes and hoping he finds a loving home to take him in. He clearly has some love to give – he just needs a human willing to accept it.

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