We’ve all sat for one… two… maybe five hundred hours in “rush hour” traffic on I-95.   COUGH New Haven COUGH.

Now, imagine this with me, a world where I-95 has an extra lane.  Does that bring a smile to your face?  Or, do you think there’ll be congestion as far as the eye can see?

And now we know if you see the glass as half full or half empty.

Governor Malloy has put the widening of I-95 on the top of his unveiled list of highway projects, called “Let’s Go CT.”  It’s a 30 year plan that invests $100 billion into state transportation.

The CT Mirror reports that the highway expansion faces fierce opposition from lawmakers, who are calling it a 1950’s solution to a 21st century problem.

One buzzword that has many commuters interested in is “tolls.”  After 30 years, it’s possible they might make a grand return.  They’ll be swanky tolls, too.  The Hartford Courant reports that they’ll be in operation only during peak travel times.  (Think about how ticket prices on the Metro North shift during “peak” and “off-peak” times.)

But the big renewed debate is over how many lanes of traffic I-95 should have.  Once lawmakers resolve their differences over the matter, implementation of other plans to improve the state’s infrastructure can go forward – like the huge debate over how to modernize our commuter rails.

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