If you read CT Boom, you know that we’ve covered Connecticut’s ongoing air quality problems a couple of times. Most importantly, we noted that some actually consider our state The Tailpipe of America, which is somehow even less flattering than New Jersey’s armpit moniker.

But today we got some news that proves those air quality problems might be far more dire than a terrible new nickname. Our air might actually be killing people.

According to a report in The Hartford Courant, researchers estimate that air pollution in Connecticut kills roughly 168 people each year and sends another 472 to doctors and hospitals with related issues.

This hasn’t felt like such a big problem this week, since the state’s current mix of humidity and rain has made staying inside a treat. But when the weather sorts itself out and summer gets back to being summer, we’re going to want to be outside and it seems like that could be the less healthy option!

That news may be scary, but since I’m young and relatively healthy, I think I’ll take my chances with the elements. After all, I have plans to grill steaks and drink beers in my backyard every chance I get this summer! If I don’t do that, then the pollution wins, and I won’t stand for that.

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