The Big E has come and gone for the year. While it’s going to be another year before it’s return, the memories of fried everything and kettle corn will still linger on our tongues for a while.

This year’s Big E saw a record turnout though. According to the BigE Instagram page, there were 1,543,470 attendees of 2018’s fair. This, according to the page, is considered to be a record-breaking year.

With that being said, attending the BigE is an experience within itself. You can find a variety of any kind of food you want, vendors, and so much more. Therefore, whether it’s your first time or the fourth or fifth, chances are at least one of these thoughts ran through your mind.

  1.  “I am going to eat everything in sight.”
  2. “Not sure if I want to go on the rides, but that’s okay.”
  3. ” I absolutely need to go to my state’s building.”
  4. “There is literally nowhere for me to sit.”
  5. “Rest in peace diet. What should I eat first?”
  6. “I need to get a picture of my food before I eat it.”
  7. “While I’m at it, I need to get a picture of the Ferris Wheel/the Bear in the New Hampshire Building/wherever.”
  8. “This is so unhealthy, yet I need to eat it. After all, the Big E only comes once a year, right? Treat yourself!”
  9. “I need to win this bear.”
  10. “Fried Oreos/Twinkies/Reese’s/Kool Aid? It sounds so gross, yet so good.”
  11. “Oh look the #BigEMoments sign. I have to get a picture in front of it.”
  12.  “Oh my gosh! Look at the goat/horse/llama. How cute!”
  13. “I need to get one of those giant lemonades.”
  14.  *to group you’re with* “Let’s take a selfie!”
  15. “Look at that line of traffic to get out of here. I’m going to be stuck here for a while . . .”

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