If you have ever been on Metro North going from Grand Central back to any train station in Connecticut you know how horrible that ride can be. It doesn’t matter if you’re going as close as Stamford or all the way up to New Haven (I don’t know how you New Haven people do that btw) there is always a really good chance that it will be the worst part of your day/night. Especially if it’s the weekend and you are catching that last “drunk train” before the night ends. Always the worst.

Now imagine you are commuting home just counting down the minutes playing on your phone until your stop and this happens…



Not only was the Yale Glee Club entertaining the entire train car on on their way back from a holiday concert in NYC but the conductor of the train even joined in on the fun! They were definitely concerned initially that he was going to shut it down. Nope. The coolest train conductor ever decided to go the complete opposite direction with his “I’m the conductor, let me conduct” line. Amazing.

This is all fun and everything but you KNOW there was a few people on that train who just wanted to sleep thinking to themselves “SHUT. THE. HELL. UP!” Which also makes me laugh.

Well played Yale Glee Club and Mr. Conductor.

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