A few weeks ago I wrote about Harvard’s Zamboni breaking down before a game. Well Harvard was in New Haven this past weekend to take on Yale in the ECAC playoffs, and Yale also had some Zamboni issues.

There are some differences between the two incidents though. Harvard only has one Zamboni, which broke down on the ice 10 minutes before the teams were scheduled to play. Yale has two Zambonis, and the one that broke down did so Saturday morning, hours before their scheduled game. Mechanics were called to Ingalls Rink to attempt at fixing the broken Zamboni, but officials were afraid that it wouldn’t be ready for game time or even worse, be ready but not make it through the game. Yale obviously didn’t want what happened at Harvard to happen to them.

Yale still had one working Zamboni, but usually used two to do the ice between periods. It’s quicker and more efficient. So what does Yale do? They call up Quinnipiac University and ask if the can borrow a Zamboni.

It’s just like if one of your tools isn’t working but you have a project you’re doing, you ask your neighbor to borrow theirs.

At 4:00pm Saturday, Yale associate athletic director Wayne Dean called Quinnipiac athletic director Jack MacDonald to ask about lending one of QU’s Zambonis for the night. MacDonald said, “Of course” and one was loaded onto a flatbed and sent to Ingalls Rink. The machine arrived a half hour before game time.


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So imagine being in the crowd at Ingalls Rink, ready to see the Bulldogs take on their bitter rival in a playoff game, and when the Zamboni doors open up to clean the ice, a Zamboni with Quinnipiac’s logo emblazoned all over it. Despite the kind gesture by Quinnipiac, their Zamboni wasn’t exactly welcomed by the crowd in attendance.

All went well as Yale defeated Harvard 2-1 that night to complete a 2 game sweep in the first round. Yale advances to the second round of the ECAC tournament where they will face their Zamboni buddies, Quinnipiac.

Yale will also be co-hosting the Men’s NCAA Ice Hockey Tournament East Regional, along with Fairfield University, at Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport on March 28 and 29.


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