What do North Carolina and Connecticut have in common? Today, a major legal case about bathrooms.

Bathrooms, oddly enough, have been subject to a lot of scrutiny over the past few years.

With North Carolina’s HB-2, which stipulates that a person must use the bathroom that correlates to the gender one was assigned at birth, facing scrutiny for its discriminatory legislature for trans individuals stirring up a lot of controversy, and other states following suit, bathrooms have been ever-prevalent in our news cycle.

NBC Connecticut reports that Yale is planning to sue the state of Connecticut over gender-neutral bathrooms at its law school.

The building inspector of Connecticut’s office had denied a request from Yale for an exemption from the CT State building code, which specifies that a certain number of bathrooms in each building be assigned by gender.

Yale says that this is better for everyone in that it increases the number of bathrooms open to every gender, and many law students agree with the prestigious university.

In fact, many students complain that the existing “gender-neutral” bathrooms are “inconveniently located”.

In doing this, Yale argues that the law should be changed, and doing so would “prevent discrimination on the basis of gender identity”.

Personally, I think gender neutral bathrooms are a great thing.

It’s 2017, people can identify themselves as they choose and we have no business in politicizing peoples’ need to go to the bathroom.

In fact, every “family restroom” you have ever used was gender neutral, and no one has ever complained about that.

If Connecticut does change this law, it would be a step in the right direction.

Using the bathroom does not need to be politicized, and if Yale wants to create gender neutral bathrooms, then they should be able to.


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