Excitement over Connecticut’s newest baseball team has been palpable since this time last year. We’ve gotten the team name buzz, the new mascot buzz, and the free WiFi at the stadium buzz.

But on that last note, things have come up a little short of the hype. That stadium, with free internet and easily accessible donuts, doesn’t exist yet. It was supposed to open for its first home game back on April 7, but that got pushed back to May 17 due to constructions delays, and now, according to a WFSB report, the wait could be even longer.

At a Hartford Stadium Authority meeting this week, officials said that inspections and training of staff could mean pushing back the new home opener a few days beyond the currently scheduled date of May 31. And while a few days doesn’t sound like much, it’s just another dig at a fan base that has been salivating for minor league baseball for over a year.

The Yard Goats, meanwhile, have played 23 games already (all on the road) and played to a league-leading record of 18-5. That’s exciting for Hartford and their new team, but it also makes things that much more frustrating.

The team we’re all waiting to see, the team that we have been building up for so long, is actually really good. They are putting out a good team capable of winning games and bringing a lovable sports team back to Hartford.

All I have to say about it is this: It’s been over a year. If team officials, stadium officials, and city officials can’t put their heads together and get this thing open on time, there should be hell to pay. The city has already done a lot to help give this team a good start, and they deserve to see the team they’ve worked so hard for. Go Yard Goats!

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