The Hartford Yard Goats are quickly becoming the most popular beloved sports team in Connecticut and they haven’t even played a game yet. From the name, to the awesome logo, to all the buzz around the team. The Yard Goats are putting on a clinic in marketing 101.

Just when you thought the Yard Goats couldn’t get any better, they just did. The team announced they have added yet another founding partner teaming up with Frontier Communications. The best part of this new Frontier partnership is that they will be providing free Wi-Fi to visitors throughout the entire park at all games and events. WHAAAAAAT?!

I can’t stress enough how awesome a move this is. It’s a win for everyone involved. We all get to post our fun Snapchat stories and Instagram selfies without bogging down all our data and the Yard Goats essentially just free promotion from all of us posting to our followers at the games. And really, it’s 2015. Every hotel, airline, or major event location should be offering free Wi-Fi. Always.

Go YARD GOATS! We can’t wait to post even more selfies from our seats when the Yard Goats open their first season next April.

[via Hartford Courant]

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