Leave it to the Yard Goats to go viral and make national sports headlines in the weirdest way ever.

The Yard Goats were down one run to Binghamton on Friday night with Josh Fuentes at the plate. Josh had two strikes on him when Binghamton pitcher Cory Burns slipped and spiked the pitch into the ground. Jokester Josh thought it would be funny to take a fake swing at the ball which never reached the plate. The only problem? The ump proceeded to not so jokingly call Fuentes out on strike three for swinging at the pitch.

This is a tough one. One one hand Josh TECHNICALLY did swing at a live ball which does make it strike three. On the other hand, this is where the ump needs to asses the situation from a common sense perspective. It was clearly done as a joke during a Friday night Double A game. This wasn’t game 6 of the World Series or anything. The ump should let this one go. Especially since it was a call that determined an out. Not strike one or two.

Here is the full video:

I guess Fuentes and the Yard Goats learned their lesson that these games are no joking matter. No matter how many times Chew Chew and Chompers play games on the field.

While not the ideal way to make a name for yourself, at least Fuentes still had a sense of humor about the whole ordeal. Tweeting this out…

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