With everyone in Hartford slowly sinking into a depression over the Dunkin Donuts Park debacle its nice to see one person getting a little creative with their frustration instead of just firing off angry tweets, yelling, and fighting in the court room.

A 63 year old man named Bill Katz has decided to take out his Yard Goat stadium anger out through song. He’s not quite Prophets of Rage or the original Rage Against The Machine but I appreciate his hustle and passion.

Fox 61 has some amazing footage of Bill playing his hit tune with the chorus “Dunkin Donuts Stadium, my advice is just don’t go in.”



The lyrics to Katz’s song are mostly about how the whole project is too expensive for the city to have started in the first place. He thinks the money could have been used elsewhere for more important matters.

Katz is a resident of Hartford as well as a buisness owner in the city. He even performed his song to city council. Which I’m sure will have zero impact on anything but I’m sure they were at least entertained.

My favorite part of this whole thing is that the lyrics to his song are constantly evolving every time there is a new problem with the park. If that’s the case Bill, you might be writing this song for a REALLY long time.



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