The late night television landscaped changed entirely in the past two weeks…although it looks like we actually went back in time if last night is any indication.

Jay Leno is no longer the host of the “Tonight Show” – it has been in the capable hands of Jimmy Fallon the past two weeks. However, since we know Jay Leno can’t ever let go of the spotlight, he popped right up again – this time on the “Arsenio Hall Show” (that’s still on…remember?)

Yep – he did the old, reliable “walk on” to surprise the crowd that Arsenio has been picked up for a second season:

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Not to be outdone, Jimmy Fallon brought back some more late 80’s nostalgia by having John Moschitta, Jr. summarize the nine Oscar-nominated Best Picture films – you know him better as the Micro Machines Man:

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So, to answer the question presented by the title of this article, it was 1989 last night.

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