If you thought Mother Nature would spare us in the name of spring, think again.  Turns out that, indeed, another snow storm will kick down our collective doors next week.

Stamford Daily Voice reports that the storm took a promising turn towards us today.  Basically cementing our destiny as the land of eternal ice and snow.  So, what changed?

Well, for starters, our first day of spring will now be covered in snow.   AccuWeather predicts we may see enough snow to really mess with our morning and evening commutes, too.

A low pressure system will serve as the winds beneath nor’easter #4’s wings.  So, it’ll help push this snow storm into our region and, also, allow it to gain strength.  It’ll clash with a cold jet stream coming from the north, so expect more snow than rain.

However, everything hinges on what direction this jet stream will take.

“Because of the complex nature of the storm, the exact timing of the heaviest precipitation, day versus night, may not be revealed until late this weekend in the Midwest and early next week in the Northeast.”

But, thanks to this system, it also creates the possibility for us to see bomb cyclone #2.   Only if the stars, planet, and moon align just right, though.

Knowing our luck?  Yeah, keep those shovels and snow melt handy.

As of now, it’s still too early to tell just how much snow we’ll see.  But, forecasters already started flirting with snowfall amounts totaling a foot or more.

With that also comes the possibility of strong winds, which could knock out our power again.  Plus, the storm will also bring a renewed risk of flooding in our already waterlogged state.

I know, makes you wonder how the heck we had such a terrible drought two years ago.

That said, anticipate flight and rail delays.  On top of that, schools already facing the possibility of trimming April break short have a lot to consider next week.

Still, forecasters say there is a small chance that the snow storm might miss us.  Honestly, we all hope that’s the case.  But, as of now, consider winter’s last hurrah very likely.

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