I have never understood the hype around the Gilmore Girls.  It’s a show I never watched and every. single. time. I tell someone that they remind me that “it’s based in Connecticut, you know.”  Yeah, I know.  Doesn’t change the fact that I’m not into it.

Turns out it’s one of those cult shows.  I learned this when the Internet freaked out that Netflix announced four new episodes that will air over the next year titled (not shockingly) Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer.  The first one is set to debut November 25th, but first- a fan fest.  Yes, a fan fest and where would this fan fest be?

In Connecticut, of course.

The town of Washington Depot is the real Connecticut town based on the fictional town of Stars Hollow on the show.  The most ridiculous part about this three-day fan fest being held next weekend (October 21-23rd, 2016) is that it wasn’t put together by Connecticut residents.  Oh no, we weren’t smart enough to figure out that we could financially benefit from this nonsense.  No, instead it was two Texas gals that came up with it.

After reaching out to the mayor (who had no idea that Gilmore Girls had anything to do with his town) he agreed to the festival with one condition:

Ticket sales had to be capped at 1200 because it was such a small town.

You’re probably giggling as you read that- Who in their right mind would travel to random Washington Depot, Connecticut for this?

Lots of people.  It sold out in 12 hours.  People from Canada, Ireland, and other faraway countries all gobbled up the tickets that were $175 apiece.

The festivities include screenings of episodes, town hall style meetings with costume designers, meet and greets with cast members, knitting areas, and other random small town things.  Some cast members will be attending so you can meet them- but here’s the cool part.  It is not affiliated AT ALL with Netflix or WB or any actual network that has connections to the Gilmore Girls.  This is all created by the fans for the fans.

I’ll be honest, there’s a certain level of intrigue that goes along with this event.  I’m just curious about the people that are flying in from across the world.  Are they going to be disappointed when they see what this small town is really about?  Or will that magic continue?  I guess we will wait and see next weekend.

Check out-the festival site is here (GilmoreGirlFanFest.com).



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