We know Connecticut likes to tack on the $$$ on everything money can buy.  Just ask Stamford!  It’s been proven that they charge a nearly-obscene amount of moolah for a single cup of coffee.

Yes, coffee, the sweet nectar of life we crave every morning to make the day somewhat bearable.  We can’t do without it.  It’s one of life’s greatest luxuries that doesn’t require signing over our first born or left arm…

…Unless if you live in Stamford.

You see, in a national roundup of cities serving the priciest cup of coffee, Stamford ranked extra super-duper high on the list.   Making the top 20 (#18 to be exact,) an average cost of a cuppa comes to $5.49.  Dude, with that price, you’re better off getting a mochaccinofrappelatte™ from Starbucks.

The study, published by CareerTrends, based their findings on the average cost of a 11.5 oz can of Maxwell House, Hills Brothers, and/or Folgers.  While the West Coast dominated the top 10, it’s not really surprising that Connecticut managed to represent itself yet again.  In a list chronicling who’s the priciest, it’s safe to bet that our lovely state will manage to elbow its way to the top.

The most tragic thing, though, is that coffee prices continue to crumble.   Arabica coffee has fallen to its lowest price in two years, from $1.65 to $1.11, while the cost of a cup of joe continues to enjoy riding the elevator of inflation.

Yeah.  Totally makes sense.  Uh huh.  Not.

(Via Stamford Advocate)

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