If you were a kid at any point in the past 50 years chances are you know GI Joe. Originally released in 1964 12″ tall action dolls they are best known now as terrible movies. Somewhere between those two was the Joe Heyday. During the Reagan Era GI Joe was at its height. The Joes had been shrunk down to 3 3/4 inches but their popularity soared. The Joe had a million figures on the shelves and their popularity was helped by the 30 minute commercial that was disguised as kid’s cartoon.

In celebration of this great toy here are my Top 3 Joe figures.


Purists might be angry that I went with the second version of this figure but they can suck it. This is clearly the best one. Snakey looks cool and comes with a his wolf Timber. What more do you want?


Zartan was like 4 figures in one. He had a mask he could slip on and he changed color. Not to mention he came with his Chameleon swamp skier!


Crimson Guard

These guys were like the Joe version of the royal Guard from Return of the Jedi and were awesome.

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