In the past decade or so, wearing a fun or ironic T-shirt has become somewhat of a pop culture pastime for any dude over 21.

It started with random, obscure movie quotes, then the shirts got more interesting as websites like Redbubble and Café Press started popping up. It seems that there were no laws on these sites and you could buy all types of copy-written material from images to fonts and more. You want a “Hawkins Middle School AV Club” T-shirt, well, Redbubble has you covered.

Yesterday, I discovered a T-shirt that is even more interesting than turning the Pats logo into a “GOAT” tee.

This company, XvsOSports, takes your favorite sports plays of all time and diagrams them out the way they were written in the playbook. The company has over 150 different plays and you can submit your own favorites as well.

Personally, I’m into this one:

Oh, and will they make custom shirts of famous plays of your life? It says they will. I hope they make one of me standing in right field in 1983 wondering why my parents were forcing me to do this.

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