It’s ok to admit it, as we’ve all been there. After midnight, piss drunk, and fiending for some delicious, salty, fast-food goodness that’ll satiate both the booze induced munchies and help to curb a skull-splitting hangover the next morning.

I mean, I’ll even go so far as to say that that was pretty much every weekend during my 20’s.

That being said, as much as many of us practiced that horribly unhealthy behavior, I don’t know of really anyone who’d ever taken it to the level of a Mr. Floyd Warmsley of Middletown.

See, what happened to ol’ Mr. Warmsley, according to Middletown Police, is that they were called to the McDonalds on South Main Street in Middletown to check on a man who had fallen asleep in his vehicle in the drive-thru.

An officer went to the scene at a little after 1:30 a.m. on Oct. 11th, and just like as it’s described above, that officer observed Floyd Warmsley, 41, sitting in the driver’s seat of a truck, asleep.

McDonald’s employees told police that Warmsley had ordered four cheeseburgers (no nuggets?!) and had fallen asleep in the drive-thru. Employees tried to wake Warmsley but were unsuccessful, so thus the reason why they called police.

Warmsley had reportedly been sleeping for about 15 minutes. When officers woke Warmsley up (and here comes the best part) he tried to hand them money to pay for his McDonalds.

Amazing, right?

It was shortly thereafter that the officer on the scene determined that Warmsley was hammered, and not just sleepy. He was then promptly arrested for DUI.

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