So, if the little things cheer you up, pay attention to this.  Soon you might see a vending machine that sells booze at your local bar or restaurant!

Stamford Advocate reports that a bill supporting these machines cleared the house yesterday.   It passed 110 to 34.  Basically, it allows those 21 and older to buy beer, wine and cider from a vending machine.  Nice, huh?

Also, these machines pour the drink for you.  So, it doesn’t seem like you’ll have cans or bottles of your own.  Which, honestly, seems kinda nice if you think about it.  Nothing’s worse than sitting in line at the bar just for a can of beer.

The machines serve a patron up to 10-ounces of wine or 32-ounces of beer.

David Arconti, D-Danbury introduced the bill and seemed genuinely excited over the possibilities it brings:

“Self-pouring technology helps support a booming industry of craft beer in our state.”

Hey, I lose my utter shirt whenever I buy one of those F’real Milkshakes at my local gas station.  Seriously, it’s so satisfying to watch and wait for my creamy chocolate shake.

However, not everyone loved the bill.  Actually, some genuinely feared the consequences it might bring.

For example, some naysayers feared the machines would result in the loss of jobs for bartenders.  Others bemoaned the possibility that people, already cut off by the bar tender, using a vending machine to score more booze.

Ergo, increase the risk of drunk driving accidents.

Rep. Bob Godfrey of Danbury said these fears are pretty unfounded:

“I don’t see this in any way contributing to more drinking than the current law.”

He pointed out that people will only be able to purchase from these machines by attaining a card from their bartender.  Meaning, people will still be ID’d as a result.

He also mentioned how trained staff will monitor these machines just as they do with regular sales.  That’s because penalties for selling to underage or fully intoxicated patrons will be the same.

However, the chance of an alcohol vending machine showing up in your local watering hole has one final hurdle to clear.  This bill still has to clear the Senate.

Last year, the Senate rejected a similar bill, but because this current legislation passed with minimal debate… it looks pretty good.

So, would you use one of these machines or would you prefer buying your drinks the old fashioned way?  Or, are you afraid the machine will take your money, but your booze will get stuck… kinda like what happens every time you seriously need that bag of chips and the machine just straight up denies you?

Either way, should be interesting.  Let’s see if it happens!

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