Call this cold weather record setting… because it officially is!  Bridgeport saw the coldest New Years in their  history on Monday, waking up to a bitterly cold 2018 at 2 degrees.  That shattered the previous record of 5 degrees, set in 1963.

Bridgeport also had the coldest high temperature on a New Years, too.  The mercury climbed up to only 18 degrees on Monday.  The previous record was in 1963 with a record coldest high of 21 degrees.

But, this weather will only worsen as the week continues   In fact, it might become downright dangerous by Friday.

WFSB reports that although we’ll see relief from the cold today and tomorrow, it’s not here to stay.  Actually, we should brace for a brand new system that will knock our socks off.  An ocean storm will careen into the region tomorrow night, bringing cold AND snow to our doorsteps.

Meteorologists say it’s still too early to tell what the storm system will bring.  But, all indicators point to “accumulation and misery.”

Basically, a huge ocean storm will creep up the coastline and mesh with two other systems.  How it meshes will result in the type of weather we’ll see on Thursday.

One system is over West Canada while the other is slightly lower, also to the west.   Should they continue their westerly path, it means more snow for us.   Actually, it means the entire state might experience snowfall on Thursday because the storm could become that large.

As of now, we should expect light snowfall of about 1 to 3 inches.  However, forecasters won’t rule out heavy snowfall until they have a clearer picture.

On top of the snow, the state will deal with wind gusts of up to 40mph.  Some of those winds will reach temperatures in the negative, so count an already cold day as feeling even more freezing.

But, that’s not the worst of it.  Oh no.  That, my friends, is this weekend.

The storm will suck in an arctic blast that’ll pummel us on Friday.  Despite the sunny skies, temperatures will only hit the single digits and, if we’re lucky, in the low teens.  However, that won’t matter because wind chills will once again reach negative temperatures.

Saturday looks even colder thanks again to wind chills reaching -10 to -30 degrees.

So, bundle up and keep those blankets handy for awhile.  Sunday and Monday do look cold, but not AS cold as what’s to come.

CT Boom will update you about this system as we learn more about it.

Is this the coldest weather you’ve seen?  If not, what’s the worst winter you remember?

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