Sure, we hate the weather.  It’s doing the exact opposite of what we want it to do.  Instead of sunny skies and 80 degree weather, we’ve dealt with rain and cold 50-degree days.  So unfair, right?

Well, Fox 61 says we need to stop complaining.  Because it could have been so much worse.  Like what our ancestors dealt with back in 1816.

The books call it “The Year Without a Summer.”  And, well, we can safely say none of us saw a flake of snow fall on the ground since about March.

Those people back in 1816?  Yeah, they weren’t so lucky.  Because, a year prior, Mount Tambora in Indonesia erupted and covered the planet in a shroud of volcanic ash.  People reported hearing the eruption over 1,600 miles away, so it was pretty crazy.

But nothing’s crazier than the summer of 1816.   On June 7,1816, New Haven recorded a whopping low record temperature of 35 degrees.  Parts of Northwestern Connecticut even woke up to snow that morning.

Which, you could only imagine how that cold affected the crops.  I mean, we lost our peaches last year thanks to that February cold snap.  So, if you needed a modern day example, there you have it.

Actually, it turns out people were lucky if they managed to grow anything at all given the sordid weather conditions.  Reverend Thomas Robbins of South Windsor went on record that year to say that things “froze to death.” So, you’re not far off to imagine what happened to the livestock and farm animals.  Especially the babies being born around that time.

Humanity also suffered major losses that year, too.  It’s estimated that over 100,000 people around the world died due to the adverse affects of the ash cloud.

Weather researchers said it successfully lowered the Earth’s average temperatures by 1 full degree fahrenheit.  Which, apparently, is a big deal.

So, yes, it’s true that we’d give anything to enjoy nonstop summer weather from here on out, but it does bring me a modicum of comfort knowing that we could have had so much worse.  Seriously, count your blessings.

But, hey, should something like 1816 ever happen agan, maybe the next Mary Shelley will write the next Frankenstein.

Yeah, the cold brutal weather forced her and her friends to remain cooped inside their cabin and challenge each other to writing contests.  Kids did crazy things to keep themselves entertained before the days of wifi, huh?

Anyways, for those who don’t know the story, Mary Shelley and her friends held a contest to see who could write the scariest story.  Obviously, Shelley won with Frankenstein.  So, yeah, fun to think that modern-day Science Fiction was invented all because of a volcanic eruption.  Pretty neat stuff, huh?

So, here’s the question I pose to you.  Would you rather deal with 35 degree weather, or, 110 degree weather for the rest of the month?  Let me know in the comments below!

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