This weekend, one of, if not the, biggest movie of all time will open in theaters. Connecticut movie-goers from Greenwich to Thompson, from Salisbury to Stonington will be watching the latest from Marvel.

While many of us sneak in food (admit it, you do), one thing that’s a lot harder to sneak in is warm popcorn. Sure, you could bring in a stale bag of Smartfood but it just doesn’t compare.

And it never will again, if this turns out to be real:

Yep! Cheetos-flavored popcorn! I can’t even believe I’m typing this…but I can’t even.

If it’s in theaters this weekend, I’ll just never leave.

PS – Just imagine if they come out with Doritos flavored – my brain would explode. (Actually, Taco Bell should come out with a Cheetos-flavored taco shell.)

Top Image: © iStock/Thinkstock

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