If you had plans on grabbing a quick lunch today via your favorite fast food joint you might want to brown bag it instead. Fast food workers in 150 US cities are scheduled to strike today in an effort to raise their wages. This national campaign seeks to raise the minimum pay to $15 an hour and allow employees to unionize without fear of repercussions.

Nothing will make the spit fly like a debate about what these jobs should pay. On one side you have folks who believe people should be paid a living wage and that making $9 an hour ($18k per year) isn’t fair. In fact, it is below the poverty line.

On the other side you have the “Work hard and get a better job!” group. The belief here is that a fast food job should not be a career. Never mind that the job market blows right now and people with degrees are actually some of the folks flipping burgers.

I am no economist and this is a complex issue but if you were to ask me to pay 25 cents more for my Double 1/4 Pounder so someone could feed their family I am going to have no problem with it. Bloomberg did a write-up last year on how this wage raise could play out. It looks at the issue from all sides and helped me gain a little perspective. Just avoid the comments unless you want to have your faith in humanity destroyed.

Feel free to call me a hippie commie in the comments section below.

Via FoxCT

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