You probably already know that Connecticut is an expensive place to live. Our taxes our high, there are tons of rich people, and those of us unlucky enough to live here without a six-figure salary are wondering how to make ends meet.

Well, we certainly didn’t need more proof of the tough financial situation in Connecticut, but here it is anyway: According to a report in the CT Post, a 24/7 Wall St. study found that a single dollar is only worth 92 cents in Connecticut – the sixth lowest value in the country.

So where do those last 8 cents go, exactly?

Well, they basically vanish after the study accounted for the national average costs for goods and services. Since things are more expensive in Connecticut than the average in the country, we lose a little money when we spend our dollars here.

I know that, in reality, a dollar is still a dollar, but this is just brutal. Not only does it mean we have it just a little bit harder than almost everyone else, but it means that even when we’re carrying around cash in our wallets, we’re still basically carrying change.

And as much as the financial challenges of Connecticut residency frustrate me, nothing (and I mean nothing) pisses me off more than having to carry change around.

Honestly, with Google Wallet and tap-and-pay apps and all that nonsense, having paper money barely makes sense anymore. But having coins? Coins are about as useful as a human colony on the sun would be – not very.

So as a means to distract myself from the crippling sadness that my money is worth less in the state where I live, I declare this day the day we get together and start the movement to ban coins in our country. Or, if not today, right after we’ve checked our bank accounts and cried ourselves to sleep.

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