If you thought we already paid too much for our electricity, think again.  Come January, those bills will go up again.  So, if Eversource or United Illuminating supplies your power, you now have even more reason to complain.

CT News Junkie reports that the average customer will see their bills rise by about $7.45 just in time for winter.  Nice, right?   It’s so weird that the state with the highest electricity rates in the NATION seems hellbent on staying in the lead.

Anyways, I think much of the state already deduced that the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority doesn’t represent us.  Whenever they receive a rate hike request, they nod their heads and give a thumbs up.

As they did last Friday.

So, Eversource rates will go up from 8.01 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) to 9.08 cents/kWh on January 1st, 2018.  However, United Illuminating customers will pay more as their rates will jump from 7.6 cents/kWh to 9.66 cents/kWh.  They’ll keep these rates in place until July.

Although, PURA firmly believes that despite paying more in the winter, the costs should balance out over the year.

As for why Eversource and UI called for a rate increase?  Well, they say they needed to afford to transport the energy we consume.  Basically, since we consume a lot more during winter, they need to meet the demand.

Plus, something about improving power lines and stuff for the next major storm so people don’t lose power.  Which, if you pay attention, happens to be their excuse every time they want to jack up our rates.

If money’s already a little tight in your household, better invest in some candles and firewood.  And really thick blankets.

Still, this all begs to differ how one of the smallest states has the highest electricity prices in the nation.  True, a good part of that is due to our state not generating its own power anymore.  So, it needs to have it funneled in by other states.

Plus, our lawmakers decided it was a great idea to deregulate our electricity in 2015.  So, that further allowed suppliers to get handsy with their price fixing.

Either way, start saving now because our electricity is going up again.

What should the state do to relieve our soaring energy prices?  Should we generate our own electricity again or is the answer in going solar?

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