What do you think about your photo-taking skills?  If you take incredible photos with your smartphone, you need to enter this contest.

Darien Times reports that the annual Pic Darien contest is officially here.  Basically, it’s a huge photography contest minus the fancy expensive cameras.  All you need is your smartphone and a good angle.

Seriously, talk about one of the easiest contests in history.  Just aim your smartphone, point, and shoot!  Also, the prize money and the bragging rights is kinda worth it.

Plus, the contest is open to anyone, no matter where in CT they’re from or their age.  The contest offers two age categories, those 17 and under and those 18 and older.

The contest offers several exciting categories, too!  So, depending on your mood on the day you decide to shoot your entry, you’ll be covered.

If you adore photographing your animals and family members, the People & Pets category has your name on it.  However, if you find yourself enjoying scenery,  choose their Landscape & Nature category.
But, if you took this photo on vacation, check out their  Travel: Near & Far category.
There’s also Food, Humor, and Abstract as other potential categories to submit your entry.  Choose wisely!
First place per category scores $100 and the opportunity to display their artwork.  Honorable mentions also score $50 and a chance to display their work, as well.
But be quick, the deadline to enter is May 16th.  You do have to pay $10 per entry, which really isn’t a steep fee at all.
Darien Arts Center will unveil the winners of their smartphone picture contest on June 1st.  They’ll throw a massive unveiling party at DAC Weatherstone Studio at 2 Renshaw Road.
Click HERE for more info about the contest and to study last year’s winners.
Good luck!

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