Sunday marks a momentous day here in Connecticut.

A victory parade for the UConn Women’s Basketball team will be rolling through Hartford to honor their 3rd consecutive and 10th overall NCAA championship.

The weather will finally be something other than miserable and/or unbearable.

And, according to NBC CT, anyone going to the parade is getting two free Uber rides.

You read that correctly. Uber is shuttling your (probably not sober) butts around not just once, but twice, on parade day in Hartford. That leaves you free to pre-game the parade (responsibly), hit the bars while at the parade (again, responsibly), and never worry about how you’re getting home.

Of course, there are some stipulations: The promotion is only valid in Hartford County, between the hours of 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., and the trip can’t be more than $25. But hey, when free is on the table, you can’t really be picky.

So live it up this Sunday. It may seem like the UConn women win a title every year (mostly because recently they do), but the NCAA is a cruel and fickle beast and dynasties don’t typically last forever, so it’s up to us to celebrate each championship like it is both our first and our last.

Get out their on Sunday, enjoy every single ray of sunshine and every last one of those 65 degrees we should be getting, wear your UConn swag, and hitch a free ride with your friendly neighborhood Uber driver.

Sunday perfection, achieved.

Image via Facebook/Uber

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